I live in suburban Orlando, Florida, with my wife, Audrey, our lovable golden retrievers Sammy and Kona and temperamental cat Katie. A native of Virginia, I'm now totally spoiled by Florida warmth after years in the Sunshine State. Call me a weather wuss if you must, but I won’t even go north of Jacksonville anymore, unless compelled by dear friends and offers of free food. I'm a fan of Tar Heels (UNC-Chapel Hill, ’86), fine wines, Caribbean islands, concord grapes, Gulf Coast beaches, old Seinfeld episodes, Pat Conroy novels and fall colors in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I am a believer in Christian charity, tolerance, agape, eros, fidelis and the healing power of a chocolate milkshake. A news writer by vocation and musician by avocation, I've won awards, lost contests, entertained luminaries and brought down houses (until the people finally left).